Smartclean Vision.5

Smartclean Vision.5 brings professional glasses cleaning straight to your home or workplace with ultrasonic technology. Smartclean changes the stereotype of ultrasonic cleaner as a clunky medical device with its desecrate compact design & a look that matches today’s trends.

Smartclean Vision.5












Crystal Clear Glasses in Only 3 Minutes

It only takes 2-3 minutes to make your glasses brighter than ever before. After 5 minutes, Smartclean will turn itself off so you can go about your everyday tasks while waiting for your glasses to clean.

Need Water Only

What you have to fill in is only regular water and Smartclean Vision.5 will work on cleaning your glasses.  Smartclean generates 45oooHz ultrasonic vibration, which is as powerful as professional ultrasonic, which removes dirt and other contaminants.


Smartclean is perfect for glasses and other belongings like jewelry, earrings, watches, razors, etc.

Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5 |












Featuring a patented design, Smartclean Vision.5 weights only 410g and is as small as a lunch box. It’s an upgrade from old ultrasonic cleaners that are old fashion, bulky and heavy.


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