About the Product

On average we breathe around 26,000 times the whole day…
Every time we breathe, we don’t only absorb oxygen, but also pollutants. We tend to believe that indoor air is clean and safe but the truth is far from that.
We often spent our time in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Is indoor air really clean? Is indoor air really clean?

Indoor pollution can be two to five times higher than outdoor. These levels of contamination are alarming since we spend nearly 90% of our time inside rooms, whether at work or at home. Furniture, cigarettes, household appliances, and even textiles can spread harmful gasses that pollute indoors air. Even though you think your safe indoors, the truth is… that you’re not.

After lots of research and testing, we finally designed the Zunion, a Modern Hybrid Air Purifier.

Zunion is an air purifier, charger and has a smart USB port to connect an USB fan, USB humidifier and USB LED light.

Zunion removes 97% of ultra fine dust using HEFA Filter, a natural Anti-Allergy Filter.

Easy replaceable filter’ Works much better than no filter or washable filter

Anion (Over 3 Million)
It will release over 3 million negatively charged ions thanks to its Dual Plasma Anion releaser. Normally found in nature, anions help clear harmful airborne particles.
Zunion purifies the surrounding air 100 times more than a forest and 60 times more than a waterfall.

Sterilization + Anti-Allergy
Sterilization: Salmonella, Colon bacteria, Streptococcus, Pneumonia. MSR Anti-Allergy: Mite, pollen, suppress the allergy reaction. Deodorization: smoke, odor.
Also works for anti-allergen

Silent Fan (Dual Level) 80mm
Zunion comes with a large fan that covers a large area of 25 square meters.

3Side (IA-250 /350W)

Artificial intelligent mode

There are three different modes: Turbo Mode / Normal Mode / Sleep Mode (Silent Mode)
After 8 seconds without light, the illumination Sensor changes to Sleep Mode.
When there is no light, only Anions activate. When light returns, it goes back to the previous mode.

Smart USB Port
With the smart USB port, you can control the device on/off.
Connection possibilities: USB Mood LED, USB Fan, USB Portable Humidifier etc

Power Supply (5V/9V)
Zunion can be used as a home charger, car charger, NoteBook, PC or backup battery.
2500mA Battery: Silent Mode-36 Hr, Normal Mode-16 Hr, Turbo Mode-14 Hr

Internal Wireless Charger (IA-350W)

The IA-350W comes with a Wireless Charger.
It’s possible to charge your mobile phone with the Wireless Charger support.

Supported devices:
Galaxy Note7/Note5/S8/S8Plus/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+
Recommend over 2A

Phone charging with wire or wireless charger (IA-350W)

In-Vehicle Purifier
It filters odor, toxic substance and exhaust fume.

Kitchen Purifier
With Zunion you can eliminate the fine dust and germs while cooking.