About the Product


Thanks to its aerodynamic design and the innovative features, solidLUUV enables everybody to
capture high-quality and smooth footage, everywhere and every time, with no background knowledge
required. The patent-pending mechanism inside the stabilizer separates the movement of the hand
from the camera. This makes the footage crisp and shake-free. Smartphones, action cameras or
compact digital cameras can be mounted onto the water-proof and robust solidLUUV stabilizer.
Thanks to the Plug&Play feature, everybody can start filming almost instantly with no effort.
solidLUUV stabilizer turns 180° and lets the user capture videos from excitingly new angles and
dynamic perspectives. LUUV offers three compatible models in total: solidLLUV is the base model and
can be easily extended to ultraLUUV by mounting the electronic stabilizing module, autoLUUV, onto it.