About the Product

PIN Genie Smart Lock

PIN Genie Smart Lock is the first peep-proof and hidden camera-proof PIN door lock. Equipped with a patent-pending touchscreen pad, PIN Genie Smart Lock shortens your ten-digit passcode into just four buttons for simple usability.

With each use, PIN Genie Smart Lock reshuffles the numbers. No one will be able to guess your unique PIN, even if they’re watching. Go ahead, dare your friends! They won’t be able to guess your PIN code.

Highly Secure
PIN Genie Smart Lock is easy to install and fits all standard door sizes, so you can add it to virtually any door in your home, office or safe! With our Safe Home Mode feature, you can easily turn off PIN Genie’s pad when you’re home so no one has the opportunity to type in your PIN code. Did we mention we surpassed the home security standard? We’ve passed a variety of security certifications like the UL, BHMA 156.40 / 156.36 (grade B) and more.

App Control Available
You might already be familiar with our PIN Genie Vault and PIN Genie Locker apps for iOS and Android users. In other words, we know Apps. With our PIN Genie Smart Lock app, you’re able to connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and open your door. However, you can still use the touchscreen pad or your physical key!
List your home on Airbnb or VRBO? As the host, you can set temporary passcodes that are only valid during your visitors’ stay. Home owners simply use the PIN Genie Smart Lock App to send the temporary password while visitors use the app to retrieve the unique code upon arrival. Now you don’t have to worry about strangers duplicating or losing your house keys.

Alarm keeps you being Alert
PIN Genie Smart Lock comes with a Safe Home Mode feature. Easily turn off the touchscreen when you’re at home. This feature prevents anyone from opening the door on the outside without a physical key. Set the alarm according to your needs. If someone attempts to break in, the alarm will be triggered automatically.