About the Product


Onix Cable by TEGIC

A versatile multifunction cable that can charge all of your trending electronic devices. It supports USB Type-C to Type-C with USB-A and lighting connectors available on each side.

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Before introducing this cable, I would like to first share with you TEGIC’s slogan:
“No more Micro USB.”
So I am sorry to inform you that this cable doesn’t support Micro USB. Then here goes our story of Onix Cable.

As new digital devices flood into the market at lightning speed, I have often found myself lost among all kinds of cables and chargers that match different devices. The chaos really bothers me.

My everyday carry includes iPhone, Android phone, iPad and a MacBook Pro. Since my work and social life both depend on those devices, I pretty much live with them but I cannot stand the messy cables I have to carry with me as well.

A lot of people have tried to solve this problem. But as I have also discovered, frankly speaking, the solutions always bring in more issues and failed attempts to change my user habits.

So I made the decision to figure out a solution that would not change any users habits for charging cables. That was the birth of ONIX CABLE, the all-in-one multifunction cord that is made to charge all your devices.


I called it ONIX CABLE because, hmmm, my team didn’t come up with a better name. Also, don’t we all think this cable looks a lot like the Onix from Pokémon?


This cable uses the most advanced connecting port, Type-C, for the fastest data transmission speed.

In addition to the Type-C to Type-C function, we developed two separate connectors, one for USB-A and one for lighting, attached to each end of the cable. With a simple pull and plug, the head is switched and the connection is built within seconds.


Our design makes the ONIX Cable work in four different modes and is guaranteed to satisfy all your needs for device charging in daily life.

ONIX’s Type-C to lighting function is the same as the most advanced Apple serial cable. It does not only support PD chargers, but also can connect to the latest MacBook and iPad for data transmission.

ONIX’s USB to Type-C function also works as a popular way to charge Android phones for all the Android users.

The USB to lighting function is mostly used by iPhone users and serves as the only way to connect an iPhone to most desktops.

Finally, the Type C to Type C function represents the future trend of cables. The latest iPad and MacBook have already adopted this function into their charging cables.

In addition to the digital devices listed above, ONIX cable is compatible with Switch and devices with the reverse-charging function.

It is the one and only cable that supports four different charging modes that we hope you will fall in love with.


These are the two colors available at this moment.

TEGIC is a tech venture founded in August 2018. ONIX cable is TEGIC’s first ever project, though none of the TEGIC members has made a commercial product before. We see ourselves as makers and inventors.

ONIX cable is the reflection of TEGIC’ vision in making the digital products more efficiently and conveniently to operate for their users.

We believe the future world is a smart world where all things are connected. We have long struggled with having different cables for different electronic products, such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones, headphones, and power bank. Different types and brands of electronic products have different ports, and the accumulation of excessive accessories not only takes up more space than needed, but also make life more complicated, especially when you are trying to find the right cable. Therefore, we took advantage of the manufacturing industry in China and made the first cable that would properly represent our visions and make our users’ life more convenient.

So here we are with the first project of TEGIC — We present you the ONIX cable and, sincerely, we hope you will like it.

Risks and challenges

Due to the time required and my understanding of whether it is essential in this case for MFI certification, ONIX cables WILL NOT be MFI certified for this launch.

Scratches can be made on this cable relatively easy because of its handsome look.