About the Product

Mymanu CLIK-Truly wireless earbuds with voice translation

The precision engineered truly wireless earbuds are much more than an impressive way to listen to music – one of their most remarkable features is the vocal translation software. This allows users to translate speech to a language of their choice. The amazing earbuds can help people communicate and push through language barriers, and are set to be the latest must-have travel companion.

Danny Manu, Founder of Mymanu said, “We believe Clik® is a revolution in your ears. We’ve worked with acoustic engineers and audio visual experts across the world to develop these amazing wireless earbuds. As far as gadgets go, it has everything – a sleek design to fit all inner ear shapes, crystal clear HD sound, language translation, personalised phone notifications and a wireless charging carry case that can charge your phone whilst on the go. This is the future of music and technology.”

Using advanced Bluetooth technology and aptX® codec, the wireless earbuds deliver premium audio quality, setting the new standard for listening to music. The smart earbuds also utilise supersonic multimode microphones which deliver crystal clear audio, noise cancellation and audio pass-through technology. This means users have an immersive experience when listening to music, similar to surround sound and a cinematic audio – all delivered from the tiny wireless earbuds.

In addition to the supreme sound, Clik® keeps users connected to their smartphones at all times. All notifications are delivered to the earbuds, with a customisable LED light to signal phone calls and texts from different contacts. Actions can be undertaken with a touch or swipe of the earbud so you can take control without having to even look at the phone.

Clik® earbuds offer a truly personal experience, with a range of options to choose from. Stay updated with the exciting new product on the Mymanu website.

Mymanu Clik® is set to transform the modern consumer lifestyle – reserve yours now at an early bird 50% discount at www.mymanu.com