About the Product

Egloo is a new eco-friendly way to heat, scent and humidify your room enclosed in a smart product with a unique design.

Imagine being able to bring your fireplace with you wherever you go and forever change the way you experience YOUR home. Whit Egloo, we create moments that engage all of your senses: the soothing sound of a crackling fire, the long-lasting scent that fills your home, the warm and enveloping warmth, the suffused ambient light…

In terms of aesthetic, Egloo is ideal to have around because it is both functional and rather stylish even when it is off.

Bring art into your homes and gives to each room a Unique Personal Touch!

Egloo utilizes the natural heat given off by candles to increase the degrees in the room. It works by placing the candle under the terra-cotta domes, and after about 15 minutes or so Egloo creates a comfortable heat that is trapped inside and released gradually, raising the temperature.