About the Product

BRIXTYLE is perfect for backpackers and business people.

– Storage:
Its multi-compartment could protect laptop or tablets from scratch, with various pouches storing accessories (necktie, charger, passport etc.). Every thing has its space to stand, keeping you organized. Handy and trendy, all in one.
– Carriage:
To travel light, we provide different ways to carry the pack. Apart from handles to hand-carry or back-carry, the straps are also available for cross-body and luggage slide.
– Eco-friendly:
Backpack is composed by eco-friendly material. The high-tech TPX fabric compressed waterproof layer, recycled PET, and 1000D heavy duty nylon. We aim to make the world a better place.

BRIXTYLE is in-style, all-purpose, and eco-friendly. It is definitely an unreplacable companion to you.